Tom Henry volunteers and gives to Oasis because he loves what happens here

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“One of the joys of giving is to be able to give back to an organization that I think is doing important work," says Tom Henry of Syracuse, NY. Oasis provides an avenue for older adults to keep learning in a friendly environment. It is an important part of who I am."

Life got better for Thelma Willis when she joined Oasis

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“I can certainly say that my life has gotten better since becoming a member of Oasis,” says Thelma Willis of St. Louis, who donates to the Friends of Oasis campaign each year. “I have learned more about myself and how to keep my body and mind healthy.”

Getting healthy by giving back

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I don’t need research to tell me that volunteering improves the health of adults ages 50 and older; I see it every day at Oasis. Older adults who volunteer are more likely to maintain strength and functional ability, or the ability to perform every day activities, which is key to maintaining independence.

Think public health is a problem in the U.S.?

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I’ve been working as a Community Health Coordinator for a few years now but in two very, very different settings. I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Andes of Peru and am now with Oasis in St. Louis. While my job with both organizations is to help prevent public health problems, the experiences couldn’t be any more different!

How do you decide to support a non-profit?

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Mail just isn’t what it used to be. Remember the days when people actually sent letters to each other? Now the mailbox is filled with junk mail and bills. Just in the past week, I’ve received dozens of letters from nonprofits. Each is worthy of support and I want to contribute and often do what I can. But how do you decide which organizations to commit to?

Spring is a great time for a healthy new hobby

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Like the rest of the country, Indiana had a harsh, long winter filled with record-breaking snow from the Polar Vortex. Now spring is here and that bitter weather is a distant memory. Early spring has brought green grass, colorful flowers and a desire to get out of the house. It's time to enjoy outside activities!
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