Oasis tutors are helping children stay on track with summer reading

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Encouraging kids to keep reading in the summer is critical to academic success. Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring is partnering with the St. Louis County Library to make this happen.

Friendship and finger-knitting helped this mentor and student create success

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Oasis tutor Kathleen Eicher came along at just the right time three years ago for a young girl who was struggling with reading and learning how to be a good friend.

With one-on-one Oasis tutoring time, students get a reading boost and a new friend

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Oasis tutor Gerald Johnson has discovered when he meets with students, reading improves and something else happens: new friendships form.

Tutoring yields a lasting friendship and the motivation to keep going

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This Oasis tutor and her first grade student formed a bond that is still going strong 19 years later. Their connection has made both of their lives better.

Tutoring takes on history to celebrate the past with the future

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By sharing a little bit of her own family story, Oasis tutor Betty Dotson gave one little girl a chance to connect the dots of history in a creative way.

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