Neutralizing the naysayers

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“Now you’ll see what the rest of us have been dealing with … let’s see how long you’ll be a confirmed practicing optimist now! … you’ve been living the high life, welcome to the real world!”
I could go on, but you get the idea of what I’ve been bombarded with since I informed some of the people in my small world about my impending job loss.

Skipping breakfast? That’s one way to become “hangry”

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One habit that causes bad food choices is skipping meals, particularly breakfast. The human body needs energy and nutrients to start the day, which makes breakfast the most important meal of the day. Don't let your mind overrule your body’s common sense. Experience the bounty of life when you use your brainpower, fueled by breakfast, to make simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

Five great reasons to join an exercise class

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Let’s face it - starting an exercise program for most people is fairly easy. Sticking to an exercise program and making it a part of your everyday routine like brushing your teeth is a totally different story. Just look at the amount of people year after year who start New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, diet and exercise only to fail in a few weeks time. Joining an exercise class might be a way to keep you on track.

Building strong bones now for your future

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My mom tripped on an area rug a few weeks ago, causing her to fall and fracture her pelvis and hip.  According to her physician, it was the “best” hip fracture to have; she only needed three rods in her hip instead of a hip replacement.  In the past, she’s also had multiple compression fractures in her spine. Why so many bone breaks? Just like her mother before her, my mom suffers from osteoporosis. There are ways to help reduce your risk.

Margie Hobby helped her student find her voice

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When Margie Hobby retired, she wanted to stay active and connected, so she started taking classes and volunteering in her community. As she watched her student Vera progress, Margie found she had much to offer a child who was struggling and just needed more individual attention.

Social groups help in combatting social isolation

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Not long ago, one of our regular class participants, Liz Lippa came to Oasis after a rough weekend. Her son had a major heart attack and her cousin passed away. She was feeling low. “I just wanted to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head,” she said, but then she realized that what she really needed to do was to get out and talk. She got out of bed and headed to her St. Louis Oasis Women’s Roundtable group.
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