The Garden Grazers, Fruit Loops & Freggies

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A friendly little eating competition, "Help for Your Health: Fruits and Vegetables Challenge" has sparked a dialogue and prompted everyone to think about their diet. I was surprised that such a simple competition could teach us so much about fruits and vegetables, while encouraging our co-workers too. It was also surprising to learn how much we didn't know.

Managing your “stuff”

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Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow. As older Americans we have “stuff” that we carry/have carried through our life cycle. Sometimes it’s family issues, sometimes it’s work issues. No matter what "stuff" you have, are you managing it? In the spirit of this year's Older Americans Month, "Safe Today, Healthy Tomorrow," Oasis member Ruth Jenerson shares her journey on taking control of her "stuff" so she can live a healthy life.

Super Simple Pizza Soup

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Vegetables have never ranked in my top ten favorite foods. Snacking on a sliced green pepper with ranch dip is as close as I had ever been to my daily servings of veggies. Family health issues changed all that. The change started with learning how to improve our diet. So began the process of discovering how to create a delicious meal filled with vegetables ... like Super Simple Pizza Soup!

How do you decide to support a non-profit?

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Mail just isn’t what it used to be. Remember the days when people actually sent letters to each other? Now the mailbox is filled with junk mail and bills. Just in the past week, I’ve received dozens of letters from nonprofits. Each is worthy of support and I want to contribute and often do what I can. But how do you decide which organizations to commit to?

6.4 trillion calories removed from the marketplace!

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The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) and Oasis all have a common goal: to end childhood obesity. Oasis President Marcia Kerz discusses the movement, how manufacturers are making foods healthier with fewer calories, and how Oasis is contributing to the goal through CATCH Healthy Habits.

Spring is a great time for a healthy new hobby

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Like the rest of the country, Indiana had a harsh, long winter filled with record-breaking snow from the Polar Vortex. Now spring is here and that bitter weather is a distant memory. Early spring has brought green grass, colorful flowers and a desire to get out of the house. It's time to enjoy outside activities!
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