Travelin’ Light

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“We can go to paradise – maybe once, maybe twice
Travelin' light is the only way to fly”
With homage to J. J. Cale, here’s the first entry in a series on bicycle touring and the training, technology and gear to get ready for an adventure.

How do you discover life after 50?

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We’re proud to offer educational opportunities that help people get the most out of life. And there’s a gold mine of knowledge, talent and passion among our volunteers, instructors and supporters. This is a place to share that knowledge. And that’s where you can help! Interested in being a guest blogger for Oasis?

Caring for an older population

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How will we take care of our older adults?&#160;What will their role in our civilization be? These questions and more were explored late last summer at the <a href="">Productive Aging Conference</a> at Peking University in Bejing, China that Oasis attended. Oasis President Marcia Kerz was there and part of that discussion.
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