BrainSavers® is Back!

BrainSavers® is Back…virtually!

This popular series is back and better than ever. Oasis Everywhere is proud to partner with Dr. Paul Bendheim and leading experts in memory health to bring you content in a safe way through Zoom Video sessions.

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About BrainSavers

BrainSavers was founded by Dr. Paul Bendheim, a board-certified neurologist, clinical professor of neurology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, and author of The Brain Training Revolution – A Proven Workout for Healthy Brain Aging. Dr. Paul spent his career studying the causes and treatments of degenerative brain diseases including Alzheimer’s. He understood that the most effective way of reducing the chance of developing Alzheimer’s was by making lifestyle changes years ahead of the field.

BrainSavers is based on that fundamental principle. Our evidence-based programs are dedicated to helping keep brains sharp and resilient through a brain+body healthy lifestyle that enriches lives, improves peoples’ mental and physical fitness and over-all well-being. As the leading brain-fitness program in the world, we help the growing population of older adults enjoy life while reducing their risk of age-related cognitive decline.

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Brainsavers Classes

11 Sessions / December 7–January 13 / Mondays & Wednesdays / $84

Reduce the impact of age-related memory impairment and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders by adopting a realistic program of regular mental exercises and a brain-healthy lifestyle.

BrainSavers® offers a comprehensive solution for total brain health to become the best versions of yourself both physically and mentally, incorporating mini-lectures, nutrition, cognitive exercise, sleep, socialization and stress management.

Classes are cohort-based and facilitated by a trained Oasis instructor. Each class includes a combination of viewing recorded videos by experts and live discussion.